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How do I connect Myles and HiBob
How do I connect Myles and HiBob
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The integration between Myles and HiBob is a great way to easily onboard all of your employees to Myles. This will send a joining email to everyone that hasn't already signed up for Myles.

  1. Log in to HiBob with a user that has administration permissions.

  2. Create a Service User and get your user ID and token from HiBob.

    1. In the HiBob Settings tab, go to Integrations > Automation > Service Users.

    2. In the Service Users card, select Manage. Then, on the next screen, click the New Service User button.

    3. In the popup, enter a Service User Name and a Display Name (e.g. Myles integration), then click Save.

    4. After you click Save, you will see a pop up with your user ID and token. Copy and securely store these credentials in a handy place. Do not close the pop up window or abandon the page until you have securely stored your user ID and token.

  3. Open your Myles Admin Dashboard and go to the Integrations page.

  4. Enter your Service User ID and token that you've just generated and click "Connect HiBob account".

  5. Once this has successfully connected, click "Fetch email addresses". This will fetch all of your employees' email addresses from HiBob.

  6. The final step is to click "Send X emails". This will send an invite link to everyone who hasn't already signed up for Myles.

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